Joliet Training Center
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    Default Joliet Training Center

    Well, I qualified today for 5 years at JTC. We had to shoot a 10 target 3-D course and get 75 or better. It was 10 ring, 7 ring, and 5 for body shots. I shot like crap and still made it.
    Anyone else shoot it today?

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    Default J.T.C. shoot

    I haven't ever heard of this. Can you tell us more about it? Is this the only day you can qualify? Which area do you get to hunt? How many hunters do they let on? Thanks for the info. Jeff

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    The old Joliet arsenal is now Joliet Training Center. Every year they have a shoot around the 1st of May and you have to get 3 broadheads in a 6 inch ring at 20 yards. Easy right? Well, when I went I was amazed at how poorly guys shoot. I had to send in a money order for $25.00 for a parking permit. Then with my package I got from them there was a sheet telling me that all qualified shooters could go there Aug. 28th and 29th and shoot again to qualify for 5 years. So basicly I don't have to shoot again for 5 years in order to hunt there.
    So, unless you already qualified in May you can't go. Sorry.

    I just found out about it this year for the first time.

    I do know there is a Buck in the area that has a name already. Elvis has a damn tree sticking off his head. Last year people saw him along the road only and said he has 3 drop tines on both sides. Record Buck.

    Midawin is right down the street an they just opened up 400 more acres.

    I'll post about that soon.
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