Hi all. Im new to archery. Just starting out but im smoking right out the gate! I tear my arrows up shooting groups at 20 yards. Im so good at shooting 20 yards in the 3 days that i've been shooting bows, that its not even fun to me. The real fun is 40+ yards for me. Only problem is, I have EXTREAMLY bad vision. I cannot see those bullseyes from 30 and 40plus yards. I need some specticals. Needed them for some time now but put it off cause I dont want them. Always fogging up, getting dirty. I work construction and am outdoors a lot so I didnt want them in my way. But, alas, to shoot my best I will need them. My question is, how did they affect your shooting when you had to get them? Do they interfere with your form? Do they make it harder to look through your peep? Did they affect you at all? Thanks.