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    Default expandable heads for elk?

    Do any of you shoot expandables at elk? I hunted them for the first time with a bow last year and was told not to use them by a buddy. Is a boiler-room shot with an expandable better than lungs with a fixed? I am much more confident shooting expandables than my thunderheads.

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    Hello, i guess as long as your bow is making good energy, the expandable will be fine depending on how big it is and how it opens, As far as a boiler room shot vrs a lung shot.... no matter what, if you cut its heart open, it will be done in faster then a lung shot no mater what head you use, their are alot of guys who kill with all typs of heads, so its kinda whatever you like i guess, i personlay shoot g5 b-52s, this is a solid 1 piece 2 cut head, flys awsom and cuts big holes, downed my elk and deer with them last year and will try with them again this year!!!

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    Check with your local GF&P, everywhere that I know of to hunt Elk archery, you are required to use cut on contact broadheads(Fixed). I don't know where you are hunting and what the rules are but in South Dakota and Montana I know this is the rule. Just a thought!?!?!?!

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    I used a nap spitfire xp pro 100 grain head to take this bull, he went 70 yards, the shot was a complete pass through, and the bull didn't even know what hit him, they work great, but you need to have good kenetic energy out of your equipment, I'am getting 98 ft pounds, so I have alot of confidence using mechanicals, what is your set-up, how fast and how heavy.

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    if you have to shoot fixed broadheads take a look at the new Razorcaps.. phenominal set of broadheads and extremely durable. All cut on contact.
    NAP Spitfires are the only expandables I'd ever buy...

    either one, depends on the regulations of the state i suppose.

    good luck!
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