How do you know you have heard just about everything that deserves the
A few months ago at work this guy comes in for a gas cap for his chain saw. He tells me the model. I say to him look I dont have a black cap Part #501567602, I have a grey cap part #501567601 is that o.k. he says "no i want a black one." I said "they are the same except the color." I actually think he is kidding w/me but nope he is very serious. Nope says to me, " Now tell me something if you had a green car and needed a door for that car and all the dealer had was a red one would you take it?" I almost fell over when he said that. Its a gas cap on a chain saw. In five minutes it will be covered in saw dust.

(For those of you who dont know the debate over which is the best brand of saws gets worse than some of our bow discussions. well any way Jonsered and Husqvarna (husky) saws are built in the same building. One door seperates the two companys.) they are owned buy the same mother company