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    Default Blazers or quickspins?

    I am going to get some new arrows and need to dress them with something. Everyone seems to be shooting one or the other. Do you put a twist on those (had a spelling brain pause) for the right word. Do they make different density vanes, I have heard the stiff is better. Any truth in that? What do you guys use

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    Have to say that I will be trying to switch everything over to blazers this year, They are cheaper and thats the BOTTEM line. They shoot really well ta boot. The quikspins are just getting out of hand as far as price goes.

    The other consideration is what arrow rest do you have???? If its a bisquit, I have heard that the blazers are the fix all to end all.
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    Default Quickspins

    Have used both, QSs group tighter for me.
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    Default Vanes

    I am shooting the blazers now. My hunting and 3d arrows are the blazers and my spot arrows are 4" feathers. I am going to use the blazers for spots most likely and try some of the 2 1/4 quickspins for 3d. just to see how they shoot.I used the 4"Qspins and they were ok but i just prefer the toughness of the blazers.

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    Tim, I have found that the blazers do well on my arrows straight fletched.

    BTW, I use the 2 inch ones for hunting, indoor, and 3D. I haven't tried the short ones yet.
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    Anyone ever tried the blazer with a 4 degree helical? I fletch all of my arrows with that helical and it works awesome. I am going to try the Blazers, and we'll see what happens!!

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    Default Blazers for me

    Hey with a WB rest you just can not beat blazers. And like bowman said they are even cheaper than QS so that is just an added bonus. My blazers have a slight offset but not much as bowtech81 has stated they just will not twist much.



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