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    Default Why 4" min. on fletching??????

    I was thinking of shooting with some buddies in the hunter class for 3D but found out that my blazers are illegal. So I may have to go with some 4" feathers on my new fatboys. Just wondering why they restricted hunter class to 4" minimum. I may stick to MBO class not sure yet. What class do you guys shoot? And what kind of limitations do you have?



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    At my club I set up two main adult classes, Open and Top gun class.
    Rules are as follows:
    Top gun: any equipment, no limitations
    Open: Should appear to be a hunting setup, Ie;
    no stabilizers longer than 12 inches, no lenses, can have a movable sight as long as it is an hha style (again should appear to be a hunting sight). No real limitations on arrows and infact because blazers and quikspins are both prodoces as a hunting vane I dont have a problem w/guys shooting them.
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