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    2008 BEAR LIGHTS OUT ilbowhunter's Avatar
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    Thumbs up WOW This is one AWSOME bow

    I just got home from a real fun trip. I took the wife and kids, and one of her cousins up to Sportsman's Warehouse to buy me a new bow. I had to travel about 200 miles, but it was well worth the trip. I picked up the new Fred Bear LIGHTSOUT. This is a very nice bow for the money. I shot a couple of the other bows they had at the store, but in my book, I got the best bow for my hard earned money. The bow came with the RTS package and only cost $484.00 with tax. I got the bow, the whisker bisquit, the sight, the stabilizer and wrist strap, plus the quiver all for that price. The guy at the store was very helpful. He had alot of information, and was very knowlegable. He set the bow up for me and even set the sights. I'm shooting a 3" pattern at 10 yards. Now I just have to get out and practice a whole bunch so I can really hunt this year.
    Is it hunting season yet?

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    sounds great. I looked at the new 2008 Bear line last weekend at Gander Mountain and was very impressed.

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    Congrats....i shot one of those and it's as good as the truth 2...just less money.....very smooth bow.
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    I looked the bear bows before I bought my Drenalin. The LightsOut is a real nice bow. Congratulations on the new bow.

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    i looked at the fred bear line.. and the choice for me is the done deal.
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    WPBOWMASTER on here went to buy the LightsOut but they had none in stock. So he went home with a GameOver. Both are very nice bows. Bear is coming out with some awesome bows. CONGRATS you will love it.


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    Id' say ol Fred is lookin' on whith a huge grin on his face. enjpy and w'ell be intrested in hearin' from ya often as tha shootin' pogresses and tha deer fall.
    what type of arrows ya gonna shoot
    I do easton Equalizers, one reason -they are black & alumiunm

    You basicly git one shot on huntin' arrows and go ecomonical with alumiumn. the preforamce is great

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