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    Default walk back?/paper tune.

    When I paper tune and get a bullet hole the rest is left of center(RH)and when I walk back my arrows fall left if I fix this and my arrows fall vertical I don't get a perfect hole, nock is a little left 1/8 @ 4'.I also do this with 3 different arrows.
    My question is, is there a better way? I have read on these tuning methods and I understand them well enough I'm just not sure if I could do something else to help myself with tuning.
    Thanks for reading.

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    I don't put alot of faith in the paper tuning. Walk back tuning is more important to me.


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    I read some where that it should only be used to check for vertical nock travel.

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    I wouldn't worry about an 1/8" tear but it may be more noticable with broadheads? Are you planning to hunt with this bow?....
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    I'd go more by walkback or french. BUT..Try a couple of unfletched arrows (same lenth and point weight as fletched ) through paper at a couple distances, or compare bare shafts to fletched at 20 yards. If there's a big discrepancy, lower or increase the poundage and see if it improves or gets worse. In my experience bare shafts act similar to broadheads. If no improvement, move the rest and re-try.
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    Yeah...I'm with Hoosier on this.

    I don't like paper tuning. It's easy to obsess over little things.
    I would do an initial paper tune then do a walk back...

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