Whats the better Round?
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    Default Whats the better Round?

    Just curious as to others thoughts on a topic I have discussed with friends. Who shot the better score: a guy that shoots a 300 52x with Fatboys or LineCutters or the guy that shoots a 300 52x with Easton Axis 340 arrows? Or would you say each were about equal.

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    I would say equal. If they guy shooting the fat arrows got an extra X or 2 because of the shaft diameter, he knows it.
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    Just got back from the range, I decided to buy a half doz. fatboy 400 w/85gr. tips. i have never shot them before and was amazed how straight they fly. I don't know how many more X's they will get me, but they are alot faster than the gold tip pro hunters I was shooting- I am going to shoot the Iowa State indoor 5spot championship tonight. (First one ever), so I will let you know - 30052X is a pretty sweet score regardless if you ask me

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    Default Sound pretty equal to me

    I would think they are equal. I would like to have 300 w/any X count.



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    no matter how you look at it, they are equal scores!

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    Frank I'm with you I keep getting closer but not there yet. I shot a couple 299's. I think the scores are equal because no matter how you look at it they still had to put the arrows there!

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    Well now how about this, what target? 5 spot or single? If you shoot a 52x w/fat shafts on a single spot you are pretty lucky, I think. Pretty hard to get five fat shafts in a single spot X i think. I thinkit is a hair easier to get that score w/ a Linejammers even though I shoot them.
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