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Thread: Newbie here!

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    Default Newbie here!

    Hi all

    I'm from British Columbia. Just got this new bow, new arrows, new leather quiver and bow carrier. The bow and the arrows are made of mulberry wood. To hunt with this bow, I asked the bow maker to jack up the poundage of the draw weight. I asked for 70 lbs, but he gave me 80 lbs.

    So before I was able to make the first practice session, I had had to practice drawing at home for a while. The bow is stiff, for sure! Here are some pix and a short video of me shooting my bow:

    I'm aware that there're a lot of things I need to improve, like my stance, drawing, aiming and follow through. Any inputs will be appreciated!

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    to the forum....That's a sweet lookin setup..
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    sweet bow!

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    to the site, thats a nice looking setup

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