I've lived in the city for the last 13 years, and during that time I've only shot my bow enough to keep my skills up good enough to bow hunt. I finally relocated back to the country and now I can shoot in my back yard

I'm trying to decide on which scope to get. I've got a Tropy Ridge sight that I hunt with, but I would like to switch back to a scope for target shooting and possibly 3D shoots. I've got an old 2x scope that I used 10+ years ago, but it's not very clear at all, and I would like a 4X. I would like something that gives me a good clear view of the target. I looked at the Sure Lock page, and there's no way I can justify $200+ for just the lens. For that price, I'll put the bow back on the shelf, and continue practicing with my 45 and my AR. Are there any reasonably priced 4x scopes out there that aren't blurry? For the lens and houseing I'd like to spend around $100 or less. If I had to, I could probably fabricate the housing on a lathe, but I'd rather buy it and save the effort.