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    Default Bear Epic Extreme compound???

    Hi i was wondering what year model is the Bear Epic Extreme?
    does anyone know of any site where i can find more info on this bow?

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    I bought the first model year of it in 2001......
    It was my first bow that I bought brand new....good shooting lil 32" ATA rig, I enjoyed it and got my first robinhood with it.
    I had that and the Fred Bear Code its longer ATA brother as well.
    New Breed Archery-Genetix 28.5"/ 60lbs & 365gr. = 285 FPS
    New Breed Archery- Eclipse 65/28.5" & 370gr. = 291 FPS
    Bowtech- 82nd Airborne 28.5"/ 60lbs. & 325gr. = 327 FPS
    Strother Archery- SR-71 28.5"/65lbs. & 370gr. = 303 FPS

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    thanks, i might get one soon.

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    I loved mine!

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    Lol, yupppppppppppppp, i just got one today. a totally complete set in a spankin new condition too. It is truely amazing.
    this is my first compound bow.

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