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    Default Has this ever happened to you??

    I was shooting at 3-d today and about half way thru the first half it started raining. Just sprinkled a little. W/only two targets left on the first half I figured at what the heck It wont through me off to much, well let me tell you a little rain water on the lens really throws your sights off. Made my lens extremely blurry, thank god it was an HHA and I could just remove the lens. Two shots and two adjustments at the practice butts and I had it dialed back in. Does this qualify as an equipment failure??

    So now I wonder what some of you guys w/dots and fibers in your lenzes, do when your at a 3-d and it starts to drizzle? Is there a double cover available? Or do you have two setups (two extention bars/scope set ups)
    one w/a plain pin, and one w/ a lens. Do you just deal w/it? dont go?
    Just wondering?
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    That is why I use my hunting setup. I had A 3d shoot out here too and it poured all day. Maybe this year I will try my hand with A scope for 3d.
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    Hey Bowman

    I just take the lens out my self but I don't shoot a fiber in the lens or a spot. A little trick you can try if it is not coming down to hard is have a bottle of water with you and pour it on the lens. This should sheet off the drops on your lens.

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    I use the Classic I just take the lens out also if I have to...

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    Default Wet Lens

    Rainex the lens
    Steve C
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    Some of the guys shooting the Classic scopes have figured out that the butler creek scope covers will fit them. This keeps the rain off the lens. Just flip them open to shoot and close after the shot.
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    Do you have a link to where I can buy one of those covers Chris ?

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    My guess is basspro or cabelas. We haven't looked at bringing these in yet, maybe we should.
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    Thanks a bunch Chris....Ed

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