I was shooting at 3-d today and about half way thru the first half it started raining. Just sprinkled a little. W/only two targets left on the first half I figured at what the heck It wont through me off to much, well let me tell you a little rain water on the lens really throws your sights off. Made my lens extremely blurry, thank god it was an HHA and I could just remove the lens. Two shots and two adjustments at the practice butts and I had it dialed back in. Does this qualify as an equipment failure??

So now I wonder what some of you guys w/dots and fibers in your lenzes, do when your at a 3-d and it starts to drizzle? Is there a double cover available? Or do you have two setups (two extention bars/scope set ups)
one w/a plain pin, and one w/ a lens. Do you just deal w/it? dont go?
Just wondering?