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    Default Which type carbon arrow

    I am shooting at 65 lbs and a 26 inch draw. Which brand and type carbon arrow would be best for 3D and hunting both?

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    Look at the 3D Select arrows from Carbon Express but select arrows from the hunting chart, not the target chart. Many of the traditional 3D carbons are too light for hunting and will break on impact with something hard (like Eason Fatboys). I use the Fatboys for 3D but would not for hunting.

    If your goal in 3D is to practice for hunting, choose the best possible hunting shaft. If your goal is competition, choose a dedicated target shaft which is lighter.
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    Another good shaft to check out is the Goldtip Pro Hunter. Quite a few guys that visit the shop want a shaft for both and they choose these.
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    I use the 3-d selects for both 3-d and hunting and you would be hard pressed to find a stronger arrow. Also you wont find a straighter arrow (.001) They are a little on the light side though.
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    I bought the gold tip pro hunter xt's to start out with, they are a little cheaper and I figured that until my form improved .002 difference in straightness was the least of my worries. Within 2 weeks I had robin'hooded three times- down to six. I decided to buy a half doz fatboys to play with, this time different targets! I will use the former to hunt with. It is amazing how much different they fly. I really had to shrink my pins together, I have not shot very long so I can only assume that it will really improve my 3d scores! -Have a great day and shoot straight

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