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    Question Slow bows for 20yd targets?

    I went to the state championship indoor this weekend and had a blast. It was my first real competitive shoot. I guess it was more of a learning experience. I shot a 289 24X- gotta start somewhere I noticed that the guys that were shooting 300's with 50+ X were shooting really slow bows. What are the advantages? I have heard that more weight at full draw is better. Are they just shooting lighter bows with very little letoff or something?

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    My set up for indoors is a 05 Hoyt ProTec with XT 2000 limbs...Cam 1/2 55 lbs set at 28 inch draw...Shooting a 2312 with point/insert 165 grains...I shoot 300's on a regular basis with a 298-299 in there...Did shoot a 296 once this year...X count average is 57...

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    Indoor bows are designed to be forgiving. They have a deflex riser, longer axle-to axle easements and a long brace height. All of this adds to a slower set-up. Then you add that large diameter arrows and moderately heavy points that you end up with a bow shooting in the 200-230 fps range. Most indoor shooters are pulling lower poundage, 45-55 seems to be the average, and most prefer a lower let off bow. Target bows are heavy and more holding weight to helps balance the weight of the bow at full draw.

    My indoor bow is shooting 198 fps at 54 lbs with a 533 gr arrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darrel
    Target bows are heavy and more holding weight to helps balance the weight of the bow at full draw.
    Most of the guys I shoot with only shoot 60 pounds outdoor's as well...

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    There is no need for an indoor target bow to shoot fast. After all, the arrow only has to go 20 yards and clear the ceiling.

    Another reason for the heavy bows with low draw weight is that it enables you to shoot more practice without damage to your shoulders. To get to the top indoors, you have to shoot 100 to 150 arrows a day, six days a week. You may think that you are strong enough to do this, but even with a 45 to 50 lb draw weight, this is wearing on your shoulders and this will start hurting sooner or later. Some have even had to give up archery entirely.

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    My new indoor bow just arrived this evening and it is a 40-50lbs bow, Its only 20 yds boys and girls. Will be shooting Carbon Express X-Jammers w/heavy tips. Probably around 150-170 gr.

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    Along mostly with Darrel says is that speed is not an issue at all if shooting known distance. It doesn't matter how long it takes the arrow to get there.

    And I'd venture a guess and say that most are shooting 45-50 lbs. with 65% letoff. It's more about accuracy and not testosterone levels.

    Heck, I have learned to only shoot about 53-55# for outdoor 3D. My 3D bow can still muster 299fps at 27", 53# and I don't have to bust a gut pulling my arrows.

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