The day has finally arrived!!!
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    Default The day has finally arrived!!!

    Well boys and girls it is here, the Black Cherry Icon is here and oh how sweet lookin it is. I had never seen the color in person, but I thought I would like, well I was wrong. I love it. Well now I have to decide what to put on it. Maybe I should get a whisker bizquit. nah then you would all say told you so, so I guess I will leave the Cavileir dropaway on it. You now that spare Copper Johns alleycat that I have will go good on that bow too I think. Now I need a sight.... Wal-mart here I come. I can probably pick my arrows up at wally world also. They sell the good ones there right???

    Hey Frank were have you been buddy???? Did that XT find its way to your house yet? Hey mine had to come all the way from Ireland.
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    Must be nice to have a Wal-Mart that carries hunting stuff off season our walmart is geared towords anything but outdoors Fishing Isle, and hunting rack ( camo shirts ) are both rarely stocked last hunting season they didnt even have any calls or anything so I gotta go to DICKS and pay double of what it is at wal-mart ( when they used to carry stuff ) But congrats. on your bow and go with the W/B it helps keep that lil bit of target build up off your shafts for a straight off the showroom shine
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    I bet that is one sweet looking bow...In Ashland we just have a regular Wal-Mart and there sporting department is not that good...But 30 min from me there is a super Wal-Mart..And there is a big differance in there sporting department..

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    Sounds sweet. I've never seen one, how bout' some pics?
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    Default Yeah come on PICS

    Lets see that sweet machine. Even if I don't have mine I can still drool over yours. And come on put that WB on there for me. I think my bow is being special made for me, it better be or sorry can't say may have a younger audience here. I think I'll get my buddy's Trykon and tell the guy at the shop that I was tired of waiting. He does not sell Hoyt's so maybe he'll put a rush on my bow.



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    As soon as it is set up i will definatly be taken the braggin pics.hehehehe, I sent it w/the greatest Mathews set up man, My buddy the shop owner to get it assembled for tomarow. How many of you guys out there have your dealers pick up bows at your house or job, so you dont have to go all the way to the shop???? Bet not to many... Except maybe Chris of course. How about it, Chris you make house calls, dont you??? Yeah well most of you probably have to pay for most of your stuff too, I never need cash when I go there, puts it on my tab and this summer when I am cutting firewood, i just take him a couple loads and all is good....oh crap now you all know my secret of how I can afford so many bows.....
    I cut things up and split them down!

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