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    Mad-Man. Let's see if this works

    Doesnt look two full of life. - General Archery Forum

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    Thumbs up Man looks good

    Mcorlando it looks like you really like what ya do. Those holsters look great, Obviosly you have patience that I don't posses. by the way

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    Default hey...

    Look.... guns on a archery site?
    That livens thing up a bit don't it.
    I got rid of all the guns along time ago,just shoot my bow,I love it.
    There are times which I wish I had one still when I see a absolute monster out of 50 yards.
    I got a proposition for the holster guy.
    I want a quiver that can hold a huge can of pepper spray and a cattleprod.I figured out how to win in all these competitions/tounaments I am in,it just takes the right equipment....
    Do you think you could make me a quiver that will hold these items?

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    Default All I can say is "WHAT?"

    What was that all about???? still scratching my head
    I cut things up and split them down!

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    Guns on an archery site??
    Yeah, being a "new Junior" member I wondered if that was crossing a line, but someone asks for more details and a picture is the best description.
    Now that I have fallen under the spell of the bow however, quivers seem to be the next logical step to make. Unfortunatly, they take larger pieces of leather than holsters, so they will cost me much more money.

    Now Glenny, as for your special request, I would assume the cattle prod needs to mount down low so you can lift it discreetly and apply it from underneath. That would indicate a low slung belt quiver. The pepper spray might be better in a shoulder hung version. Then I could decorate it with bead work and mix in a few small mirrors. When the sun is out, you could use the mirrors to reflect the sun and perhaps not need the pepper spray.

    Interesting ideas to work on.

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    My two cents,I'm new to this site and the world of Archery.I'm a disable person and just started shooting a year ago.Archery has giving me a way to meet some great folks and particpate.I'm still learning about this sport and asking ? about my equipment.The folks here have been kind to anwser my ? not like the other site.If you are not in the click you get very little or no help.And they spend to much time bickering over themself and the equipment they uses.Were as here it has been a good place for help.Thanks Chris for the site.

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    Default I love this place!

    I agree with LABLEVENS, you don't get flamed off the planet for having the wrong bow, or asking a few of the same/silly questions that have been answered more than once. This place feels safe and the people are concerned and genuinely compationate for thier fellow archer. I haven't posted on any of the other sites because I'm asking sincerely, not wanting a bunch of wise guy remarks. Don't get me wrong, I know there are great people on the other sites, just this one has some of the best!
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