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    Default Starting Local 4-H Program

    Hi, my name is Mitchell Antonsen, and I am helping start a 4-H archery program in my hometown. We have a county program, however its too large and will be splitting into 2 seperate towns. Our program will now need twice the bows, targets, and equipment. If you have anything, inserts, points, fletching, things that break when the kids miss targets, and you could donate it, we would be more than grateful. Targets and bows would also be appreciated, anything that could be donated. Also, if anyone has good information on making targets(the kids shoot bows no stronger than 50 lbs, and most are 20-30lb recurves) for the target points, please help. Lastly, if you know any companies that help out organizations such as ourself, please pass that knowledge on. Thanks a ton!


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    Our boy scouts make thier own targets using 2 burlap bags inserted inside one another. We then stuff them with grocery plastic bags until full. We tie a golf ball in each corner and stitch the burlap bag closed. They hang from a pvc stand, and they stop 35lbs compound bow an 15lbs recurves. The arrows pull really easy too.

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    good luck with the 4h program its a good orginization

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    Thanks for the help! Anyone else?

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