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Thread: Five-Spot

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    Default Five-Spot

    Just scored my very first round in 5-spots. Ended up shooting a 282 24x I was pretty happy! 68lbs is way to heavy of draw when shooting 60 arrows!!! Towards the end I dropped one arrow, barely hit the target and scored a big fat 0!!! Much improvement needed, just wanted to share my experience.
    Total Hunting setup--Tribute,cobra sidewinder lx,rip-cord drop away rest, s-coil, tru-fire release, Gold-tip 5575 xt hunter 375gr
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    Congrats on A good score your first time out. It will go up from there.
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    Well done....the five spots will have you concentrating a little harder...No room for error beyond the 4 ring..

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    Awesome, I am in the same boat. I shot my first indoor tourney last weekend. It just happened to be the ISAA indoor championships, boy, what a learning experience. It wasn't my arms that got tired, it was my brain!!! About half way through when we switched targets, I completely let my routine go out the window without realizing it until I had a couple of 4's and i also scored a big fat 0! I was really pretty nervous before the shoot- pacing around the house . But once i got there i don't think i have ever met a group of people that were more inviting . This is a pretty sweet sport that brings all kinds together. Let us know when you get your first 300

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    Default Nice Job

    Way to go good score BowTech81. 68# is a little high for indoor spots. Just keep concentrating on the X. Again congrats



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    I hate to be the guy who throws cold water, but --

    It is not unusual for a good 3D shooter or bowhunter to come indoors and shoot pretty good. However, indoor is a mentally grueling game and these guys usually don't last too long with the higher scores. The guys that shoot 55 X and above are shooting hundreds of arrows a week and it is more for mental discipline that for physical. It's hard to avoid some form of target panic when you are shooting that much. Also, most will have a bow that with a draw weight in the 35 to 50 lb range to reduce shoulder and elbow injurys. The mass weight on these bows is about double that of your bow. This is to make it more stable on the target.

    There is nothing wrong with your set-up. You can have some success and a lot of fun shooting indoor with it, but it won't take you to the top of the heap indoors. Your shoulders and elbows will give out before you get there.

    I hope that I am not discouraging you. Indoor shooting is my passion. I'm not as good as I will be down the road. I'm suffering through an elbow injury that has lasted several months. Like you I started with a hunting rig, but quickly saw the need for a more specialized bow. I will be shooting in my state indoor championship on the first weekend in April. Since I think that I stand a chance to win, it's very appropriate that the first day is April Fools Day

    Good luck,

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    I dont know if I totally agree w/ you about useing specialized equipment for shooting indoors, I have been shooting my Switchback in two different indoor leagues this winter and I think I am farring pretty well in the one league there are some of the best shooters in the area, they WILL NOT catch me in the points. And these guys are shooting full target set up hoyt protechs w/xt 3000 limbs (long axle to axle), stabilizer that never end, scopes, lights etc. Not saying that Hoyts cant get the job done, I could probably shoot this good w/just about any bow on the market today. The lowest score I have posted in the two leagues is a 294, that day I felt like crap and had every distraction one could have, people coming in the range talking as I was about to release, things falling off of shelves, in the next room. The Indoor game is 100% mental. But I do have a reason for buying that new (to me) Black-Cherry Icon. The main reason for getting the new bow was i think it looks pretty cool The other is the fear of injuring my shoulders or neck. Seen to many people do this. And know what they go thru now, everyday of there lives. Pain.
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