2006 Pro Series Blue Slayer with Nitrous X shoot through C cams. HL Mini mods. Draw is 26"-29" 14" Black 6L limbs. Draw weight is adjustable 52-67# Strings are good. With 14" limbs bow has IBO of 325 at 70#. It will be a little less since bow maxes at 67#. Logos on limbs are good. Bow has 2 marks on riser. I have included pics. 1 is by cable guard insert. 1 is on riser in the area of arrow shelf. Draw can be changed to 28"-31" by trading mini mods for regular. Other than 2 marks bow is in good condition. I have never shot bow. I intended to use for 3D, but since I bought a Firecat I have no need for it. Please PM with any questions. I would like $400.00 I will answer all offers. Bow is only gathering dust. Taking trade offers, but would like to sell.