I've been reading for a few days and just joined today. I've been seriously shooting hand guns for about 10 years, but just bought a PSE Bruin last weekend. I have to go to an indoor gun range, but was able to set up a 25 yard archery range in my back yard. I have shot for 1/2 an hour every day after work for 12 days straight, and have been reading everything I can find on the internet. I just ordered two books today.

The archery shop wanted to sell me a release, but I couldn't fit it into the budget for now. The first day was bare fingers. The following week I wore soft work gloves. Two days ago I bought a leather tab.

My problem is that I lost all feeling in the end joint of my middle finger on the second day. The other fingers are fine. So far it hasn't returned even with the tab. It makes typing on the computer a really odd experience.

Is this a standard newbie problem and can I expect it to go away in a week or so? BTY, the bow was a birthday present for my 54th, and I have had tennis elbow problems for almost 20 years. I was concerned about that, but it has not been a problem.

Any advise will be appreciated.