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Thread: Arrows Flight

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    Default Arrows Flight

    I'm shooting a Mathews CQ2 27in draw 40 lbs pull.I'm SHOOTING EASTON ACC SUPERLITE 3-04 680.These arrows are flying all over the place.Can't get them to group at all.Are these arrow to heavy ?Have shoot 100 cabon force,Cheetah 525,and Vapor 3000 with this set up no problem.Help Lynn

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    At first glance at the arrow chart, the a/c/c's look about right. Have you papertuned the bow? Have you verified that you are not getting any fletching contact?
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    Chris, Hasn't been paper tune,and I fill I have a fletching problem.I'm useing the same rest on my other two bows, and have the same problem with these arrows.I order a golden key rest with a small launcher.Time to take it to the shop.Thanks Lynn

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    Buy a cheap can of foot powder and spray your vanes down and then shoot. If you have any contact, it will show and also tell you where that contact is. May be a simple problem you can fix without going to the archery shop. Good Luck

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