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    Default First time elk hunter question

    I recently purchased a new Switchback XT 60# with 250gr carbon express maxema arrows, 130gr 4 blade muzzys and a vital gear drop away for my whitetail hunting here in IL. I was recently invited to hunt elk and mule deer in Utah. Will this cut it for elk and muleys??????

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    This is a tough one, I would have to say that it would do the job on elk and m deer. Better get close and make a good shot, elk are very big animals, i personly would not do it, but thats just me, and i am by no means telling you you cant do it, would be better to have a few more #s of draw weight tho, have you maxed the bow out yet and scaled it, i know they will sometimes go a few #s over what they say. I would like to see more peoples feedback on this. happy hunting!!!!!

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    I have two concerns with your post. You state that you are shooting 250gr carbon arrows at 60#. This is below 5gr per pound.

    Also 250gr is too light for elk in my opinion. I would like to see an actual chronographed speed out of your bow with your arrows. This way you could get a Kinetic Energy number from it.
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    Dont forget to add the 130 for the tip, for a total of 380.

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