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Ok here it is folks. The untimate hunting package. I got everything out of my hunting closet that I dont use anymore and put it with my bow and I am selling it as one package, but I am selling this all for cheep. There has to be at least $2300 dollars worth of merchendice here. I am going to use this money to buy a new bow. Dont get me wrong I love this bow but I have the itch for something different. Here is what the package contains.

Hoyt Magnatech MMT, (RARE Mossy Oak Ground Floor Camo) (RH)
- 27-30.5 adjustable draw (NO PRESS NEEDED TO CHANGE)
- 60-70 #
- 290-308 fps
- Newer strings
- Trophy Ridge 3 pin easy adjust sight
- Whisker Biscuit rest
- Saunders Torque Tamer stabilizer
- Braded wrist strap
- 4 arrow quickie quiver (matching camo)
- Limb dampners
- String puffs
- peep
- D loop
- 5 Easton ST Excel 400 carbon arrows w/ blazers
- 6 assoted Easton aluminum arrows
Plano bow case
- Holds 12 arrows
- Clothing storage
- Two extra removable compartments
- Travel rated with master locking system
-Broadheads (all 100g) and about 12 field tips
- 3 Deahheads - 2 Split Fires
- 3 Thunderheads - 1 Thunderhead
- Wrenches for bow and sight
- Bow case lock and key
- Extra D loop string
- Ground level range finder 50+ yards
- 2 folding buck knives
- 1 VERY NICE former Navy Seal knife with sheath
- 2 Motarola camo walkie talkies
- 3 tree stand harnesses (2 identical)
- Bushnel binoculars
- NEW Mossy Oak long sleve shirt
- Mossy Oak hunting gloves (I made holes for shooting)
- Mossy Oak hunting mask
- If I can fin my extra release ill put that in too


HUGE Hoyt package deal of a life time - Bows for sale or trade