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    Thumbs down MAC 25yd max bowhunter class?

    Did I hear right?
    The hunter class is 25yard max?
    That's pretty lame for a compound class isn't it?


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    Default Mac yardage

    I am not sure if that is the max yardage or not. The one thing you have to consider is that there are a lot of new people trying the tournament for the first time. I have shot the Mac for the past few years and have run into several people that have been upset at the distance they are having to shoot. I feel there needs to be a happy medium, if possible.

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    I just looked up the rules and it is actually 30 yard max. That's better. Should make for a good championship round. I am sure there will be some high scores posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptcruz421
    The hunter class is 25yard max?
    That's pretty lame for a compound class isn't it?

    I am not familiar with the MAC rules.

    I agree with you that those of us that shoot 3-D competition on a regular basis are set up for yardages out to 40 yards (and maybe more) for a "hunter class". We have adapted our equipment and practice for these ranges.

    But, I do have to agree with Jefro on one thing. Forcing newcomers to shoot from extended yardages discourages them from attending 3-D shoots. In my opinion, that ain't a good thing.

    From my observations, most bowhunters that are attending their first 3-D shoot are set up for 25 to 30 yards max. They most likely are using a fixed pin sight on a bow set-up that is not a speed demon. From what I have seen, most are proficient within their zone.

    In my opinion, a practiced target shooter will prevail even if the targets were set at 10 yards.

    Just my opinion.

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    IBO and ASA both have their Hunter open class set at 35 yards max. Jefro I agree. Standards are set and should be maintained. I'm pretty much a newcomer to 3D shooting, this being my first year. I've shot at a couple of shoots where the targets for Hunter Open were set longer than 35 yards and shooting IBO rules. Several targets we paced to be close to 40 yards and one was even set at 45. And I have toadmit, I was a bit discouraged at these shoots becoz my ability to shoot these yardages was neil. I almost decided not to go to another shoot until I realized not only was it the shoot I was interested in, but also meeting some very good people I wouldn't have otherwise met.

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