I would like to trade my 2007 Martin Sceptor4 "Hornet Edition" for an Mathews Apex 7.

This S4 has the 16in straight limbs with Nitrous A base cams and X mods. 2L Limbs max out at 58lbs and DL goes out to 29-3/4" and adjusts down 3-1/2" in 1/2" increments. Estimated IBO is 308. BH is 8-1/2" and ATA is 41" on the nose. 65% letoff. Purple/Yellow Inferno cables and Black/orange Inferno shooter string. This is the Chameleon finish. Please know that there is a patch of carbon on the limbs that came off when I removed a limb decal today to get it ready for the tradeing block. this is purely cosmetic and I have a new "custom stock" decal coming to cover it up. This is a fantastic rig that is in fantastic condition and a real smooth shooter. Please follow the link to see the pics. I'm sure you will agree that this is a real looker and trust me it shoots as good as it looks. Sorry the rest, peep and dovetail mounting bracket stays with me!

For the trade I need an Apex7 w/ 27.5"DL w/ 50-60 lb limbs. I am partial to black or the lizard green but color will not be a deal breaker for me. neither will the DL. I would take 28" DL as well. If you would like to buy it I would take 480 TYD. Overseas and Canada a little extra. Paypal only +3%