I have been shooting my XX75 2219 at 31" out of my Jennings at 64# just fine. So when I started shooting them out of my XT at about 62# they were flying all over the place. I thought I would just up my poundage and maybe take care of it so then at 67# they still flew everywhere. So for curiosity I grabbed my old old old XX75 2018 at 28.5" and tried them. They all five went into the bullseye just fine. Now I have to decide rather quickly which new arrows I want. My buddy is bringing over his fatboys and X-cutters on wednesday to let me try them both out. I have to work until thurs. so won't get a chance to shoot before then. I thought the 2219's at 31" would be spined a little on the heavy side but not this bad. But those 2018 must be just right because they flew like bullets. So would Fatboy 400's at about 29" be right for my bow(SB XT 29" draw 65#to 73# draw weight) I also have some old X7 2114's somewhere that I think I'll tryout thursday. All I can say about this bow right now is WOW its so cool. Hey I also need a new case for it, have any of you tried out the Plano cases will they work for an XT? Well all for now see ya fella later.