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jk, I was offered orders to CA and told the detailer to blow off, there was no way I was moving out there with all the draconian laws. Everyone I talk to says it's not that bad, but they have some very restrictive laws (don't let you child even look at a gun until he/she is like 21). Depending on where you are in CA, public land is limited isn't it? I think up north has a lot, but down around the LA/SD area I heard it almost all private.

Dooby, You hit the nail on the head with the "instant gratification" thing!!! But I have to disagree witht the not hunting predators part only in that they are like anyother animal out there, their numbers need to be controlled to limit impact on human/animal interaction (OK, maybe not polar bears to the same degree as say wolves or coyotes, but they do interact with humans sometimes).

yes, land here is very limited, I have a good job, so hard for me to leave.
decent hunting ground is 3-4 hrs away, i choose to hunt where is bad mainly because I get to see my mom afterwards, a bad day goes away once I see my mom, so the choice is mine, I can nail does, just hold on for a buck if given a chance, yes the laws are bad, but, no imposible.