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    Default Arrows for x force 50-60lb

    Hey everyone I was looking to get some new sticks and would like your opinion. Right now I am shooting beman max 4 400 @ 27 1/2 inches and can't tune them with my x force. Not even with f. Points. Always a left tear on the paper no matter where I put the rest.(left and right) Shooting a ripcord and have plenty of cable clearance. Don't have any company loyalty just want something that will shoot straight. Thanks a bunch

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    Out of my 60# XForce I am shooting Radail X Weave Pro 100. The bow is set to 60.28# and they fly great. I really don't paper tune my bows, I prefer to wlak back tune them. You can also go to the PSE sight and there are some good tricks to get them tuned.
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    Default bow not tuned

    Dumb archers like me shoudn't paper tune until bow is totally tuned!! I thought I had it set up right but I gues not. Now that I have worked on the bow with the pro shop I am able to shoot my bemans no problem even with fixed blades. Good stuff.

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