Up for auction is a used 1991 Right-handed Jennings Carbon Extreme Compound Bow.

The Riser and Cams has some scratches but the Limbs, Strings, Cables & Cable Rod are all Brand New.


Length (Axle to Axle): 40"
Draw Weight: 65lbs
Draw Length: 29 inches
Speed: IBO: 288 fps AMO: 230 fps
Brace Height: 8" Let-Off: 65%
Mass Weight: 4 lbs 14 oz.
Limbs: Silver-Colored Compression Molded Limbs
Riser: Machined Aluminum
Cam: Dual Cam
Color: Glossy Black with Silver Limbs
String Cables: Black TechTwist

Accessories included with this Bow:

Trophy Ridge: Eagle Eye 3-Pin (.29) Sight with LED Light
Golden Key Futura: TM Hunter Rest
Trophy Ridge: Black Stabilizer
String Leeches
Peep Sight

$125.00 TYD