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    Default Back Tension Releases

    Give me your opinions on this matter. Should I strictly blind bale for the first few weeks or shoot regularly or mix them both up evenly? I have bought my first BT release its a Tru-Ball Ultra 3 I got it for $20. I would like to start out right with it. Also I have it setup for alot of travel is this better or should I heat thinks up a little? Thanks for the help. Now tell me Adam is there anything wrong with this release? I know you have an opinion go ahead and let me have it. Thanks fellas


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    I have been shooting a Carter Target 4 for a few years. Just bought a TRU Ball ST-3 yesterday for $150.00. I do not like a lot of travel, to much travel can lead to anticipation of the shot..

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    Hi I would shoot the bail or blank target.I would set release up for small amt. of travel,Get comfortable with release and equipment before you aim.Then pull stright through target.


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    Before you develop any bad habits, you should get a good coach to help you learn which muscles to use and which muscles not to used when shooting BT. I wasted about 18 months until I found someone who showed me what the books & videos couldn't show me. In fact he showed me how to do it without a bow. We just used a loop of string that was set to my draw length. I used this for two weeks so that I could learn the feel of the muscles without worrying about punching myself in the face.

    After that, several weeks on blank bale will put you far ahead, but only if you know what you should be practicing. Like every release, a BT hinge release can be used wrong. If you are practicing the wrong things, it won't be any better than any other release.

    You have a good release. If it fits your hand, it will take you as far as you want to go.

    Once you figure out how to operate it, you will know how much travel works best for you.

    Good luck,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allen
    We just used a loop of string that was set to my draw length. I used this for two weeks so that I could learn the feel of the muscles without worrying about punching myself in the face.
    Here is a pic of my string bow. I used it to learn the release and the muscles.

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    Well said Allen...there are to many guys out there using a back tension the wrong way...Unless you are willing to put a lot of time into learning how to shoot it the right way, I would not travel down the back tension road. I see to many guys on a tru BT that roll the top down with there hand to make it go off. Or the one's who use a trigger BT who hammer it like a index trigger release..It takes work and dedication to learn how to shoot a BT the right way.. Draw length is another thing with the need to be set right or you might have some issues with making it go off..

    The stick bow is a good idea Pinky,but if you do not have someone to show you how it i done the right way. Then there is a chance you are going to pick up a bad habit some where a long the way.I have so much confidence in mine that I have hunted with it the last couple of years...

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