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Thread: Tha Bull

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    Default Tha Bull

    Well fellars here it is Tha Blue Bull
    After 4 weeks of waiting on strings ,i broke a strand in tha first set, working jobs plus pastoring ,travel to toledo oh, here is tha bull
    one of tha steadiest and most accurate bows i have ever put together
    Many thanks to Justin for all his worry and working on my strings
    and yes J am am really enjoying that second free set of strings
    he has tha concept of biz down.
    looks like Blackies got a new compeitior THA BULL

    Switchback xt BYC LOOP- SHOOT NOW56# 385gr 2312 Eclipse 100gr Muzzy 256fps SEPTER RANGER STRINGS, 4th axis,335 jammers @ 61# =285 fps

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