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    Default This thing is awesome!!

    At work we just got a new Flow waterjet machine. Myself and another guy go to michigan for training this coming week. When the field service rep was there on thursday he showed us some things so we would not go into class blind. Flow has example programs in the machine and I got to cut out some cool stuff, I cut out a Elk bugeling, a coyote howling, a running horse for my wife and some other cool stuff. He wanted us to just keep cutting stuff to get some reps. in so our memory would soak it all in. Man the accuracy and detail on this thing is amazing. I would like to post pics but the sizes are all too big. I will try to figure it out. Oh also the field service rep and I were talking and come to find out that one of his customers is Mathews. And one of the companies that Mathews owns that is just down the road uses one of flows gantry style waterjets for cutting the limbs!!!! and they are one of his customers too!!
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