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Thread: Hello Everybody

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    Default Hello Everybody

    Where's Glenny? I haven't read anything that absolutely confused the living crap out of me lately!
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    Ya me too! Where's MULLETBOY?

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    LOL... Mulletboy! Sorry all. It's an inside joke. We all pick on Glenny but the boy has a heart the size of Texas. However, sometimes when you read what he writes, you have to wonder what he was smoking at the time he sat down at the keyboard.
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    I will second that, even though it is probably two fold for me
    I cut things up and split them down!

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    Default Question.

    Why me????

    Sometimes the things that I say? I think that are remarkable, turn out to be flat at times almost lame.The things that I had underestimated....usually explode....And when I say something to someone that works/understanding/wise here... it's a miracle!
    Now,I didn't get on here to rip on any one of you fellas.
    But there is 4 to one
    I have very few options.
    1.Be the guy who lost it on top the bowshop with a high powered sniper rifle...
    2.Do a texas chainsaw massacre though the practice range at the next shoot we are all at....
    3.Hijack the next available flight leaving town....
    4.Get a big ryder van and pick up some fertilizer....
    What do you guys think?
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    Glenny, you are just too much!
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