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    Question how to fletch arrows

    I would like to know how to set my bitz jig to a 4 degree offset. Do you just go by eye or is there something I 'm missing. I have fletched r helical but would like to try offset to compare arrow flight.

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    I myself use Jo-jan fletchers. Not sure about the bitzenburgers. Try looking up online for help. I'm sure someone out there can help, this is an excellent website.
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    The way I set mine up is: I put as much offset as possible (with straight clamp) while still maintaining vane/shaft contact across the entire length of the vane. When you set up the Jig you will need to move both the front and rear on the clamp to maintain contact. I have never seen any info as to what marks equal what degree of offset.

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    Default Fletching your own arrows

    If you have a left or right helical Bitzen, I don't believe you can do an offset with them, you'd need a straight jig. If your goal is to compare a helical to an offset...their is no comparison. A helical will give you tighter groups, period. If thats how you want to compare them?
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    Bought a Bitzenburger on eBay.... naturally there are no instructions. However, called Bitzenburger and they had no problem faxing me the instruction sheet. Definitely worth the call.

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    Default Hey evil dog

    So what did they say I always just eyeball good vane contact with a straight clamp basically like what Darrel said.
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    That is basically it Radar.... look for good contact the length of the vane or feather and lay it down from back to front. Offset is optional.

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