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    Default Tennessee Extreme Hunting Adventures or Ken Moody's Clarkrange hunting lodge??

    Which is a more quality hunt?? Have any of you all hunting wild hogs at either of these places?? If so show us pics of your hogs, and what weapon did you use

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    Do they have websites? If so, I would go check out the testimonials from customers. I know that they only put up the good ones, but I think has an outfitter review, and you might get the good and the bad there.
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    Check out It's an adult archer/hunting site that feels like hunt camp.

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    I have not hunted either one but I have a friend that hunted at ken moodys place. He had a blast. Got put up a tree several times and ended up arrowing a nice hog. That was about 5 years ago. I do remember him saying that it was work! But he loved it.
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