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    Default Compound question

    Hello, i wait my Martin Phantom II Nitrous, im wery happy, i certainly have this one next week, and my question is: If i pass from 50# to 60#, do you think i have to change another setting on my bow.



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    if you increase the poundage from 50# to 60#, you will want to recheck everything. You may move your nock point as well as peep height. By turning your limbs in (increase of poundage) you change the brace height and axle to axle. Shooting thru paper will help. Paper tune before and after you make your adjustments. Your pin or pins will have to be reset also, due to more speed. It is best to check everything after making these kinds of adjustments.
    Good luck.

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    I second Jefro's comments. You will have to recheck everything.
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    i would most certainly recheck EVERYTHING, including arrows.(for spine).

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    Once your nocking point and centershot are established they will change very little with changes in bow weight. But, if your arrow was dialed in at 50lbs, it's not likely it will be suitable for a 20% increase in bow weight.

    I have a couple of setups that will shoot the same shaft with different weight tips, and the same weight tips with a stiffer shaft, but the same shafts with the same tips,?, probably not.

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