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    Default what kind of carbon

    hey everybody, would like to buy some carbon but i aint rich. Always shot aluminum but would like to get the lightspeeds or maybe epic/excel. Anybody out there with suggestions, give me some input

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    If your looking for inexpensive carbons and still get a pretty good shaft, get the Goldtip XT hunter shafts.
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    I'll second that one for the XT hunter shafts. Good arrow, great price.
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    I'll third on the Gold tips. Best carbon arrow I have shot, and the toughest. No contest.
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    It's unannanananmous Get the XT's

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    how cheap do you want to go?

    you can go down to Dicksporting goods and get some beeman ics hunters or easton axis for around 39$ a half dozen and they can cut them for you there or you can cut them your self at home if you have the tools.

    the other thing you can ask the proshop for is blackhawk vapors. 49$ a halfdozen up here in the northeast..

    I buy beemans for 39$ and then cut them myself on a high rpm cutoff tool at home and then I can glue them myself.

    I need to get a fletching jig then I'll do it all myself.


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