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Thread: Bison Hunts

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    Default Bison Hunts

    Is buffalo hunting a fun experience?? Those who have been will you post pics and a story about it???

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    Default stories

    I had a friend/co-worker do a Bison hunt two years ago. He compared it to hunting beef cattle on the range. Needless to say he not the model bowhunter, but his group rented a cabin, spotted and stalked one, (walked up on it) shot it, had it hauled out to the butcher, and spent two more days drinking beer and playing cards.
    Hopefully, this is not the norm, but his stories convinced me not to want to do it.

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    yeah, I've heard the same thing, its like hunting tame cows. Exciting.
    Prostaff of whatever DB uses.

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    Its not that easy. I mean you have to get up by noon to catch the buffalo so they don't wonder to far from the cabin, and then put your boots and flannel shirt on, then grab your bow and walk to the truck to go find them. Then drive up and make a 10 yard stock to put you at 20 yard from them and then shoot on. Its real tough. Not everyone can do it.

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    well its not a hog, BUT......
    I cut things up and split them down!

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