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    Default Broadhead for Hogs

    What broadhead would you recommend for Wild Russian Boars??? can you post pics of the destruction the broadhead made??

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    Montecs. Fly like target tips. I had complete pass throughs on deer and wild pigs. I have resused them and just had to resharpen them. I shot a pig at 60 yards, and deer at 40 all complete pass throughs. Don't have pics but take my word good heads.

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    here is another
    I cut things up and split them down!

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    Question ?

    Quote Originally Posted by BUNNYMAN View Post
    here is another
    You think he's getting wound up to go hog hunting?
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    I like fixed heads like Mussy, Thunderhead, Phathead, Slick tricks, Shuttle lock. I have killed them with mechanicals but the hogs were sows. I would not use mechs on thicked armored boars.
    I kill foam

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    I asked the guys at the club today what they recommend for hogs. Since there is an open season on them here...and no limit, people shoot a LOT of them here.

    They all agreed that you want a 2 blade broadhead because it splits a shoulder blade rather than getting hung up in it. Many of them swear by tuskers ( They have a gallery on their site. There was some disagreement on what brand, but the style was fairly similar and they all agreed on 2 blade confidurations.

    I hope that this helps. Sorry I couldn't provide more 1st hand info.
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    Default Yes

    Quote Originally Posted by j3dGuam View Post
    I like fixed heads like Mussy, Thunderhead, Phathead, Slick tricks, Shuttle lock. I have killed them with mechanicals but the hogs were sows. I would not use mechs on thicked armored boars.
    I agree...I use Mechinicals on Deer and Turkeys all the time
    But I would not try to take down a boar of any size with a mechinical.
    The Guide even told me that..had 2 many wounded hogs from them.
    I used a 125 grain Sattlight Titan...Lead cutting edge broad head...and also cranked my bow up and used a much heavier arrow.
    I deer hunted at that time with bow lb.64..arrow XX75 2213 with 75 gr rockets
    For the boar..72lb bow weight..XX75 2216 with 125gr titan
    this guide had boars weighing up to 500lbs and i wanted to make sure i could get thru that sholder plate...and i did..complete pass thru @ 27yds

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