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Thread: Paper tuning

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    Default Paper tuning

    I have never paper tuned a bow.
    How far away should I be from the paper?
    And how many shots through the paper before I make
    any adjustments?

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    bout 3 feet
    if you know what to do you can start on the 1st shot
    move your bock toward the tear
    and your rest toward tha tear. git em punching bullet holes and then go do a walk abck tune. out side.

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    or you can skip shooting through paper and go straight to walk back tuning.
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    I start at about 2 yards. I tune untill I get at least 3 good bullet holes in a row. Next I shoot through paper at 5 or 6 yards and tune some more,if needed. Then I paper check and tune more, if needed, at 10 yards. The final test is to go outside and see how I group out to 50 yards. My personal goal with hunting sights is 1" group at 10 yards, 2" at 20, 3" at 30, and so on. So far I've never had to make any tuning adjustments beyond paper tuning using this method. If I ever decide to become a serious competetor, I'm sure I'll get pickier, and buy target sights with a scope and such. Remember to keep your goals realistic. Ive caused myself some grief by comparing myself to archers who are much bertter than I am. It helps me to compare myself to myself last week, last month, and last year. Keep it fun, I do.

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