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    Default 2nd CT Gobbler down - double beard

    I dropped #2 this morning. This one with a double beard!!
    It was a real quiet morning. Not much gobbling anywhere. Normally in this area there is gobbling all around first light near and far.
    I had a lot of action Saturday morning in this area. Had a hen give me a great calling lesson. She was flirting with a Tom and 2 Jakes. She spent a good 15min in front of my blind clucking and yelping but they wouldn't follow her. They instead walked up the trail behind my blind.

    So this morning I set up where they came from. Set out the decoys and did a bunch of calling. Nothing. Not one answer.
    Around 6:30 a hen came walking through with this Tom hot on her tail in full strut and gobbling up a storm at her. They walked by at about 20yds but because they came in so fast I wasn't ready. They walked away from me and hung around in a clearing. The Tom was still in full strut just standing there broadside watching the hen do circles.
    I ranged him at 38yds, drew and dropped him in his tracks.
    Another job well done for the NAP Gobbler Getters. The head went through to the fletching but stayed in the bird.

    He weighed in at a couple tics over 23lbs with the main beard at 9 1/2" and the other at 7 3/4" with 1" spurs.

    I still have 1 tag left and one more weekend. :rock:

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    Your a turkey killing machine......
    I cut things up and split them down!

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