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    Default Chris, need your opinion

    From reading your posts and replies I take it you are a Mathews dealer. If so, I need your opinion.
    I have a female friend who is looking to up grade to a better bow. At this time her set up is a Parker Challenger II. The cam on it is called the Mini One-Cam. The brace height is 6 1/4". She is shooting 26" Carbon Express CX 200's. Her draw length is 26" and the bows draw weight is at 40#, maxed out for that bow. She is not satisfied with her present arrow speed. Arrow speed at this time is approx. 180 fps. I told her it was probably due to an inefficient cam.
    She is really interested in the Mathews Mustang. I told her the cam on the Mustang is a more efficient higher energy cam and that it should increase her arrow speed significantly, shooting the same set up.
    She has been shooting for about a year and loves it. She started with her bow weight at 32# and as she has gotten stronger she has been able to increase draw weight to the present 40#'s. As I said, this is max for her bow. That being the case I recommended getting the 40-50# Mustang, because as she continues to shoot her poundage will more than likely increase.
    The one thing she does like about the Parker is that it is light weight, 2.6#. I told her the Mustang weighs about 3.5#. Another concern is the decreased brace height, the Parker at 6.25" and the Mustang at 5.75".
    Am I wrong about my assessment of the Mustang, increased arrow speed, decreased forgiveness due to brace height differences?
    Can you give me an estimated arrow speed with the same set-up?
    Do any of your customers shoot the Mustang and are they satisfied?
    I would like her to shoot one but here in our small town the Mathews dealer does not keep them in stock because of low demand. I would hate for them to order one just for her to try out.
    Just need your opinion over the over-all performance of the Mustang?

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    Default Question about Mathews Mustang for OKbowhunter

    I do not know what kind of budget she has when it comes to shopping for a new bow, if she has a 26" draw length she could very well look at a Switchback XT, my friend recently bought one and he has a 25 inch draw length and it only took him a week to get it. He really likes it, I must say that when I drew it back I had to put it down or I would be talking myself into buying one, if it had not been for buying its predecessor the Switchback the year before, I would have bought me one. I love the drawing cycle on it, really smooth and a rock solid wall. Just some food for thought, keep all your options open. Good luck and good shooting!!!!
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    Her budget is limited to around 400.00 to 450.
    I was even thinking of mentioning the FX II to her, but I thought the Mustang would be easier to shoot. Not sure between the two which has less hand shock and the easier draw cycle though. Just thought the Mustang would. Being that it is made for females and kids.

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    We don't have anyone shooting the mustang. Given her draw length and weight and assuming she is looking for raw speed, I would look at two bows.

    They would be the Mathews Prestige or the Bowtech Equalizer. We had one prestige on order but the guy cancelled it and decided to stay with his Apex 7. Too bad, I wanted to see how fast it was. The reports I have say it's really fast. That said, we have quite a few shooting the Equalizer. It is smoking fast for a 7" brace height bow.

    Let me know if I can be of more help.

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    Sorry, I just noticed the budget post. Hmm, that's going to take some thought.

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    Just doing some quick speed checking on the net. It looks like the Mustang is capable of 280+fps if you stick to 5gr/pound.

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    Thats not too bad, pretty good actually.
    The FX II? How smooth and comfortable is it to shoot. Much hand shock, etc.?

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    Default Hand shock and recoil....

    Get an STS and dont worry about it. I think it improves an bow. May even help and Ultra-tec....
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    Default You might want to look

    Hey OKbowhunter my Daughter shoots a 30 inch ata Richwood CSS Swampmaster @ 22" draw and 35#'s weight w/ a 301 grain xt35/55 GT and the P1 cam and is shooting 172 fps. The Swapmaster in the 32 ata has a BH of 6 and7/8. You can see some of the speed testing on All of CSS bows have a very generous BH and good speed. If there isn't a dealer in your area you can call the factory direct and get a good deal as a COOP shooter. If you have any questions you can PM me. I am the sales Rep for IL.

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    Default Well my .02

    I think the Mathews Mustang would suit her very well. But another one she may want to consider is the Bowtech Tomcat. Whatever she decides I hope she is very happy.


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