From reading your posts and replies I take it you are a Mathews dealer. If so, I need your opinion.
I have a female friend who is looking to up grade to a better bow. At this time her set up is a Parker Challenger II. The cam on it is called the Mini One-Cam. The brace height is 6 1/4". She is shooting 26" Carbon Express CX 200's. Her draw length is 26" and the bows draw weight is at 40#, maxed out for that bow. She is not satisfied with her present arrow speed. Arrow speed at this time is approx. 180 fps. I told her it was probably due to an inefficient cam.
She is really interested in the Mathews Mustang. I told her the cam on the Mustang is a more efficient higher energy cam and that it should increase her arrow speed significantly, shooting the same set up.
She has been shooting for about a year and loves it. She started with her bow weight at 32# and as she has gotten stronger she has been able to increase draw weight to the present 40#'s. As I said, this is max for her bow. That being the case I recommended getting the 40-50# Mustang, because as she continues to shoot her poundage will more than likely increase.
The one thing she does like about the Parker is that it is light weight, 2.6#. I told her the Mustang weighs about 3.5#. Another concern is the decreased brace height, the Parker at 6.25" and the Mustang at 5.75".
Am I wrong about my assessment of the Mustang, increased arrow speed, decreased forgiveness due to brace height differences?
Can you give me an estimated arrow speed with the same set-up?
Do any of your customers shoot the Mustang and are they satisfied?
I would like her to shoot one but here in our small town the Mathews dealer does not keep them in stock because of low demand. I would hate for them to order one just for her to try out.
Just need your opinion over the over-all performance of the Mustang?