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    Default What's in YOUR tool kit?

    I know we have several professionals and shop owners here that will have every tool and gadget known to man. This question is MAINLY from a "personal" perspective.

    • What tools do you have to keep your gear in top working order, and
    • Which pieces do you consider "must have" items
    e.g. nock squares, string jigs, serving tools, nock pliers. D loop pliars, bow press, hooter shooters....and all of the other stuff you have.
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    my number 1 tool would have to be my bow press. then in no certain order would be cut off saw,fletcher, hooter shooter and scales. after thinking about this my junk box might be the most important item I have. it has saved me a bunch of times. you cant have too many nuts, bolts, washers, springs and 'junk'
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    I'm not a pro or a shop owner but I have: (much of it I keep in a tackle box I can take along for emergencies)

    Fletching jig
    All the parts, glues etc for arrows (don't tell Justin - I'm lazy, besides mine's only a single)
    Allen wrenches, pliers
    Extra field tips and broadheads of various weights
    Extra release
    Extra sight and rest screws
    Extra sight pins
    Nock Pliers
    Misc draw modules
    Probably some other junk -

    Since we're a 2, about to become a 3, Martin bow family I haven't really worried about a press. However when I was at Justin's he had a really sweet bow vise that I just might have to have.
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    Must haves...
    Bow Press
    Bow Square
    Allen Wrenches
    Nock Pliers
    Scales (for bow DW and arrow gr)
    Fletching jig

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