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    Default Gas prices skyrocket again!

    Here we go again. Gas prices are up to about $2.90 here. Is there a shortage I don't know about? Which refinery blew up? Oh that's right none of them blew up. We'll just raise the prices because we can.

    Our shop is right across from a gas station. They change the prices about 4 times a day. The gas truck delivers about every other day. Somehow that gas in the ground changes it's value from one hour to the next.

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    2.799 here in the Kansas City area. Just doesn't make any sense to me. But what are we gonna do? Head to the pumps and fill up the truck. It's just like electric and natural gas, you have to have it and they know it. They'll do what they like

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    I wish gas was still 2.90 here. I live in California, and I'll be paying 3.07 for regular unleaded, unless it's gone up again.

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    Well, we are just shy of $3.00 today. Considering there has been no change in the supply or demand, it is pretty pathetic. There is just a fear of change in the supply that is causing the rise.

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    I'm about 80 miles north of NY City and it's around $3.09 for the cheap stuff round $3.29 for 93 octane. In the city they're paying as much as $4.50 , but Jersey is still around $2.75 to $3.00. They were saying on the radio it has something to do with changing from the winter mix to the summer mix, percentage of Ethenol or some such nonsense! Now they know we'll pay it, it'll never get nearly as low as it was.

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    2.97 here in the poconos. There is no "fear" of anything. Its the rat bastage oil companies that are pushing for higher and higher profits and we have no choice in the matter

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    Default Gas

    Good Morning Gents, we have got 2.68 here in the mnts of E Tn, hey the got us over a barrel Holy Smokes 32 more days here in Tn boys : : :

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    Since my last post we hit 3.40 for the cheap stuff, but it has come back down to $3.

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    We get most of our oil from outside this country, right? Some of the places we get our oil from are producing/ harboring terrorist organizations. Countries like the US and Isreal are trying to destroy these terrorists. The entire situation is causing a disruption over seas. It's not really our fault these terrorists want to kill us. We must defend ourselves, though.

    My point is...what happens when their is a disruption in farming?! It could be drought. It could be above average storms. A lot of produce/ vegetables get destroyed. Then what happens to the price of lettuce, corn, or oranges or any other crop. IT GOES UP.

    If we could drill on our own soil, supply would go up. Refinerys would have to be built, creating jobs. Those refinerys would need employees, creating jobs.
    Environmentalists won't let us drill in ANWAR when we are talking about a very small space. If you put a dime in the center of a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood, you would see the space needed in ANWAR is tiny.

    Certain politicians want us to drive HYBRIDS while they ride around in limos, large suvs, and private jets.

    Those politicians are going to try to regain the majority in the House and Senate and eventually the White House(2008). We better be careful who we vote for. And use some common sense.
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