Hello. I'm new for this forum and was wondering if anyone has a switchback ld. I just bought one last week. I have a 31.5 draw and 70lbs. with gold tip 7595 carbons and 100grain tip, 2" vanes. I was wondering what the speed is?

I've been shooting pse's in the past, a intruder 95lbs and a brute force 92lbs. both of them with 26.5" aluminum arrows. Overdraws to the max. They have been shooting around 300fbs. I sighted the LD in to 60 yards and the pins on the LD are spaced about the same as on the other two. So I'm guessing that it is around 300 also.

I shopped around for about a month and shot many bows and the mathews felt the best. Bowtechs had to small of a grib on them. If they had a different grib I might of got one since there just down the road from where I work.