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    Default For Sale - Cheap!! PSE Mohave


    40.5" PSE Mohave

    I bought this bow torwards the end of highschool, probably in 2001. I hunted with it for one season and did a lot of target practice in the back yard. Other than that, it has been sitting in my closet in Meridian, MS for years and is never used. It's practically new and I need to sell it cause I would rather have the cash. A few of the arrows have damaged fletchings, but the shafts are in perfect condition. I found this bow online selling for $175. I'll sell the bow AND everything listed below for $125. If you're interested or know anyone else that might be, pass this along. My cell number is 502-295-7050, and my name is Clayton Vaughn, email is


    -PSE Mohave
    -bow mounted quiver
    -Limb Savers
    -PSE Instructional Video
    -2 Stabilizers
    -PSE Illuminated sight
    -Mechanical Release
    -6 Gold Tip XT Hunter 5575 Graphite Arrows (a few damaged fletchings)

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    Default Oh, by the way

    I should have mentioned this in the ad, but the bow is cash only and it must be picked up by the buyer. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience. The bow is in Meridian, MS.


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    I cant beliee you almost forgot to say it had to be picked up and cash in hand. Good luck with that happening.

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    in missisipi

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    send pics to

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