Hey guys,
I am in a bit of turmoil over my factory grip on my 05' Switchback, I am unsure if I need to go to an after market grip. My problem is I tend to like more of a low wrist style, it feels more comfortable. As many of you know that the factory grip on this bow seems to torque a little more than it should. I was having my proshop help me paper tune, reason being I was getting some slight fish taling when I was target shooting. We shot it thru paper and sure enough, a straight left tear. Long story short we figured it to be hand torque. I adjusted my grip to be in the V between my thumb and my index finger and made myself hold my knuckles out at a 45 degree angle, and guess what perfect looking bullet hole at 15 yards. I know this is good, but is there any more comfortable way to shoot, it seems like all the stress on my bow arm is in the valley of my thumb and finger causing a little more of a tremble in my bow arm. I am already shooting the lightest poundage I can go @ 58 lbs. Please help me.